• Roberto Avanzi, ARM Limited (DE)
  • Joppe Bos, NXP Semiconductors (BE)
  • Léo Ducas, CWI Amsterdam (NL)
  • Eike Kiltz, Ruhr University Bochum (DE)
  • Tancrède Lepoint, SRI International (US)
  • Vadim Lyubashevsky, IBM Research Zurich (CH)
  • John M. Schanck, University of Waterloo (CA)
  • Peter Schwabe, Radboud University (NL)
  • Gregor Seiler, IBM Research Zurich (CH)
  • Damien Stehle, ENS Lyon (FR)

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Summary Table


Description lattice

LWE on Module Lattices

Assumption MLWE, MSIS
Functionality Signature
Public Key


  • level 1: 1184
  • level 2: 1472
  • level 3: 1760
Secret Key


  • level 1: 2800
  • level 2: 3504
  • level 3: 3856


  • level 1: 2044
  • level 2: 2701
  • level 3: 3366